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  • realtime
  • diverse
  • secure
  • automatic backups
  • continuous software development
  • professional customer service
  • wide variety of training possibilities


NetBaron® – one of the most extensive browser-based e-business application

NetBaron® software family is one of the most versatile browser-based business management systems in the world. Netbaron Solutions Oy presents software family with over 20 members. The company is founded in 2003 and years of development with emphasis on user feedback has led to the highly customizable and easy to use set of software modules.

Scalable and customizable

Each module specializes in its own task creating a diverse application which scales with your business. Modules include organizations core business and enable the benefits of the use of information technology by using real-time Internet Browser anytime, anywhere. NetBaron® is suitable for all types of organizations regardless the size or industry of the firm due to possibility of tailoring the modules suitable for specific customer.

The cloud service at its purest

From the home page to the account -principle sums up the idea of an application family background. NetBaron® modules communicate with each other utilizing the same customer and product registers, which are portable from module to another. Another advantage is the principle of a one entry. For example sale transaction can be made at the customer from the beginning to end. NetBaron® is the cloud service at its purest.

Secure access – automated updates and backups

The applications can be accessed from and on any device, as long as the use is on-line. Customer does not even need a PC but the tablet is as good option. This gives a whole new dimension to the organizations. Furthermore Netbaron Solutions Oy has invested to the safety of the software family beside the other product development. Updates and backups are taken care of automatically. Application security is ensured by the login with three levels. Above all NetBaron® uses SSL encryption, which is known by ebanking services.

Contact information

tel. +358 29 000 9015
e-mail: myynti@netbaron.fi